Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Fang reviews Anne Rice

Of Love and EvilOf Love and Evil by Anne Rice

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I've never read Anne Rice before, though, like many, I loved the Interview with the Vampire movie.  Still, though, I'd never read anything.

So I plucked this book off the shelves and in two quick days, read this rather short tale.

And when I say 'short', I mean mercifully short. 

What a lame story. The main character, let's call him Mr. Wimpy (though she called him Toby or Lucky or Fox or something else more tepid than anything else)... anyway, Mr. Wimpy is an ex-assassin.

Yeah, you're thinking all macho, right?

Well, no.

Mr. Wimpy apparently is an ex-assassin who in time time previous (told either in a prior book or the weak backstory in this book), realizes he is evil, repents, and Heaven's angels decide he would be the perfect person to travel through history remedying evilness everywhere.

Except Mr. Assassin is a wimp.  He, in Rice's words, continuously 'weeps.' Barely a page goes by where either this tough dude isn't weeping, or the angels or weeping or a freaking demon is weeping.  Once I counted three weeping sessions in two pages. He tries to fight a demon with a lute, for crying out loud.  Er, I mean, weeping out loud.

What kind of assassin is this?

Frankly, if this is what Rice's books are like, I'll wait til the movie comes out.

As a fellow, albeit less known vampire writer, I'm ashamed for this book.


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