Wednesday, May 5, 2010


My daughter went to NY for a week, and asked me to look in on her cats. Somehow ... they took over my mind ... and my typewriter. My daughter said I emailed the following to her ... but I ... really don't remember:

Our servants seem to have escaped. Fortunately, they do not appear to have taken anything of value .. our beds ... and food.

We shall chronicle our daily activity until we have replaced them. Though, what is a day for a cat - or any period of time - we are cats and are beyond such mundane thoughts such as time. However, for any who shall peruse our wisdom, we shall allow this so their tiny minds might comprehend part of what it is to be a cat.

Day One.

We sleep. Eat. Mid fourth nap of the day, there was a jangling and a servant came in. As we were unprepared, we were unable to leave a suitable gift of welcome. We cannot tell if this servant is wild or owned. We bristled and prepared to withdraw. He seemed harmless, helpless, so we honored him with our presence.

The servant knew and performed a ritual song of greeting, so we allowed one of us to greet him. After suitable period of worship, we withdrew to our thrones of comfort in order to watch for any movement of interest.

After filling our food and water depository, servant was honored by being allowed to remove our waste. The servant left soon afterward, though it was beneath us to notice.

We sleep. Eat.

We will control the wild servant's mind and use this vessel to chronicle our thoughts. It is difficult to work with such a limited implement.

Day two

The wild servant appeared again mid fifth nap of the day. We were careful not to startle him, though a gift was left for him at the servant's entrance area.

He sat and watched our magnificence in awe. He performed the song of greeting and once again was permitted to honor himself with a period of ritual worship. We allowed him access to the royal stomach.

Before leaving, there was breach of propriety. Servant attempted to worship the other of us. he was rebuked with a Royal batting and a hiss of displeasure. He withdrew.

The servant failed to perform the ritual of royal waste removal. We shall consider punishment.

Day whatever - what is a day to a cat, for we are masters of the universe.

Without warning, the Wild Servant appeared again, disturbing our slumber number four. He sang the song of Welcome, so one of us graced him. The other of us continues to spurn him, so that he will not forget his low place in the totem of existence.

We let him freshen our drinking water and feed us, and once again allowed him the grace of cleaning our excrement. If he continues to perform, we may let him keep a small bit as reward.

He attempted to entice us to exercise, but we had no need as we are already perfect in every way.

As he is not worthy of our attention, we allowed him to leave without tasting our fangs in his ankle.

Day we do not care

Servant showed up again today, interrupting us from our fifth slumber of the day. He appeared upset at the gift of regurgitated food we bequeathed to him. and, remarkably, rather than treasuring the royal evac, our leavings were deposited in the trash receptacle.

For punishment, one of us eluded him, causing him justified anxiety. He looked all over until finally finding the one under a bed. The next time, he will not be successful. The other of us consented to physical praise and adoration.

Servant redeemed himself slightly by cleaning Our water bowl, refilling food and removing waste from our Throne of Evacuation.

We are not sure what to make of this complex, but simple being. We shall postpone the servant's destruction as we contemplate the meaning of sleep.

End Cat Log

(scratching my head)
I really don't get this.


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