Friday, May 14, 2010

A Week in Joliet

I had an exciting week giving fourteen presentations to thousands of kids in the four Joliet junior high schools. Here are a few thoughts about the week:
  • It was fun to watch sleepy-eyed, bored expressions morph into animated, laughing faces.
  • I shared hotdogs, fried poultry somethings and pizza with kids during their most social time.
  • I learned that I shouldn't say two certain words in school - even though they aren't cuss words.
  • The young adults at Joliet are a bit more inclined to use Myspace rather than Facebook compared to other schools I've spoken at.
  • The girls prefer Jacob over the Jonas Brothers. And some Justin Bieber or something like that over Jacob.
  • Serious stuff happens with kids - I hope I gave them a break from some of that.
  • Young adults like it when they are paid attention to (don't we all?)
  • Even kids who claim to be 'non-readers' have been friending me. So something worked. I shall convert them ... heh.
  • Librarians and the Tech people are the real heroes at school.
  • Girls listen to rap.
  • They're called sleep-overs, not slumber parties.
  • Kids like to write poetry.
  • If you can entertain them, they think you're cool, even if you're fifty-one, balding and bowlegged.
Anyway, thanks to Joliet SD #86 for letting me be a part of your school year.


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