Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day Two in MISS ouri

Day two at the Missouri - or Mizzura if you're from the state - brought an unexpected surprise. Of course, if it was an expected surprise, it wouldn't have been a surprise. Duh.

Anyway, I didn't expect to know anyone at the conference, so it was surprising to hear my name shouted when I was wandering around the hotel lobby. Raymond Benson, who blurbed Fang Face (woo-hoo!) was in town to give a Mystery Writers of America pitch at the conference.

Raymond, who is most famous in my eyes for his incredible ear blasting piano playing and the fact that the Ian Flemming family engaged him to write nine James Bond books,is a really cool guy, and I'm glad he showed up.

I'm meeting a lot of fun people, though a lot of them are still hoping for their first published book. So I'm giving a lot of advice. It seems the biggest advice they need is the need to establish a web presence before getting published. With Twitter, Blogspot, Facebook and Wordpress and other forums available at the cheap price of free, they need to set something up right now.

I think I've convinced a few people.

Time to go, my stomach has given me the early lunch warning signal. More later.


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