Thursday, December 31, 2009

Overpriced, overhyped athletes

So AT&T dropped its sponsorship of Tiger Woods, huh?

Big deal.

I have AT&T, but it wasn't because they paid him tons of money to do ...well, whatever it is that he does with them that they felt at one time was worth tons of money. Same with Gillette, I use their blades, but didn't even know they endorsed him.

I've NEVER, ever purchased anything just because an athlete or actor/tress endorsed it. In fact, it's more likely the reverse is true. I absolutely refuse to buy anything Nike. Their stuff is overpriced for the same reason.

But Peyton Manning, you say. Isn't he your hero?

Well, yeah, but I'm not running out to buy ... um, ... whatever he's hawking. I laugh at the commercials and promptly forget what he was selling, if I ever noticed.

As far as I'm concerned, endorsers are simply wasting their money.


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