Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I ... am ... a ... rock star!

Well, I felt like one.

I walked into the cafeteria and the room just erupted in cheers, people thumping on tabletops, teenaged girls screaming like at a High School Musical concert .. it was just weird.

I'm standing there, a tray in my hand, balancing chocolate milk, a chicken paddy and bun, some Cheetos, and all of these kids are cheering for me, trying to come sit with them at lunch.

I'd spent the entire morning at West Oak Elementary in Mundelein, yukking it up with the kids, picking on teachers ... they really liked that ... talking about writing and publishing to a very appreciative audience.

They bought a ton of my books, ordered a ton more, and I'll be going back next month to sign more books. It was very, very fun. The best part might have been the thank you cards I got afterward, and the sign welcoming me to the school.

School spirit, indeed.


(I'll post a pic or two later when the librarian sends them to me).

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