Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Upcoming book

I'm at a really cool stage in writing - the anthology Missing coming out this weekend at the Love is Murder writer's conference, Fang Face in the edit stages coming out in August and I'm a quarter way through my WIP, the third book in the Adventures of Guy series.

The weird thing about my WIP is I keep getting mental glimpses of a sequel for Fang Face, and it tempts me to start it right away. I already know it will have vampires (of course), werewolves and maybe some other were-creatures, and there is a conflict that didn't resolve in Fang Face that must be resolved. I'm really looking forward to it.

But my WIP is fun, too. Most of the action in the third Adventures of Guy takes place in hell, and they run into horrible creatures like Dick Cheney. I want to work on both at once. Where's a ghost writer when you need one?

Now I'm setting up stuff so when Fang Face comes out, I'll be ready to get it out there. I'm getting my website ready, learning about blog tours and, of course, I set up a nice little blog here.

Check out my website, it's pretty fun.




  1. You sound very busy with lots of plans. Isn't it lovely to have ideas coming at you so fast you can't write fast enough.

  2. Norm, ask me about cloaked links at The Office.

    Your blog is easier to read than Sam's. Must be the font size.

    Keep writing - have fun at the conference. Make sure Karen sells some books. :D