Thursday, February 5, 2009

Not worth two cents?

An interesting ... no, not interesting ... a disturbing thing happened today while I was putting Amazon Buy links on my blog. After putting up The Adventures of Guy, I noticed its lowest Amazon price is ... one cent.

One cent?!

A penny?!

What the heck?!

You mean someone is so desperate to get rid of it that they'll let it go for less than a nickel?!

All I can say is this ... if you can get ANY of my books for a penny, you'd better rush out and get it!!

Go to my website: and read an excerpt and you'll see it's worth WAY more than a penny.

(at least a dime, sheesh)


here's my other website> get yourself over there, too!


  1. I planned to just say 'I feel your pain' but curiosity got me and I looked it up. Did you notice...drumroll...

    There's a collector's edition of 'Guy' going for $19.75!!!

    Yay for you!


  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence.