Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A new letter to my Congressman regarding the payroll tax cuts

 I've been having a mostly one-sided letter writing exchange with my Congressman and thought I'd share my newest letter.  

If any of this applies to your Congressperson or Senator, feel free to copy, past and use it. I'm sure they will appreciate hearing from you!

December 6, 2011

Representative Adam Kinzinger

Dear Representative Kinzinger;

I didn't receive a response from you to my last letter, but that's okay. I know you've been busy protecting the wealthy. My understanding is that you would like to keep the Middle Class payroll tax cuts in place as long as it's paid for by raising the unemployment rate by canning 10% of the Federal workforce, most of whom are Middle Class. It would also help you in your claims that the Administration isn't helping create jobs, but I'm sure that was just unintentional, right? You're into the job creating thing by making the rich richer since they're created so many jobs over the last three years with their lower taxes. Can't upset that apple-cart, huh?

Of course, it's probably too much to hope for that we could see a reduction of the number of Congressmen and Senators, or lobbyists, who outnumber Congressmen and Senators twenty to one. Or, even better, how about saving money by introducing a bill that takes away life-time pensions and insurance for congressmen and senators?

Yeah, I know, that's a pipe dream of mine. I wish we all could vote ourselves pay raises like you.

Anyway, I think you should consider checking with your constituency and making sure you are truly representing our interests in this whole payroll tax thing. I think both Republicans and Democrats support not raising everyone's taxes by $1000-1500. The difference seems to be in how to fund it.

If you truly represented us, you really should canvas us, and I have a suggestion. You should Robocall the following poll:

Would you prefer extending payroll tax cuts paid for by:

a) a 3.25% tax on persons with over a one million dollar income


b) cutting 10% of the Federal employee workforce and freezing the income on the remaining workers.

On a related note, I've created a Kinzinger position page that I would like to run by you for accuracy sake before I start helping you spread your word to my friends and neighbors. Please have a flunky, er, assistant or someone respond and let me know if any of your positions have been misrepresented. You may appreciate the form of the questions which closely mirrors the style and technique of some political polls I've received in the past. Please keep to the yes/no answer format.

Norman Cowie

Congressman Kinzinger's position page

Supports extending the payroll tax cuts benefitting the Middle Class paid for by imposing a 3.25% tax on income over $1,000,000? NO

Supports extending the payroll tax cuts benefitting the Middle Class funded by putting another 200,000-plus mostly middle class Americans out of work and freezing wages of the remaining mostly middle class Federal employees. YES

Signed a pledge to special interest lobbyist (Grover Norquist) not to raise any taxes (including those solely on the wealthy) no matter what. YES

Solely for political gain, would rather crash the economy than support anything presented by the current Administration that might improve the economy. YES

Initiated job creation bills - (excluding so-called job bills that are simply tax cuts to billionaire/millionaires or trade agreements that don't protect American workers). NO

Supports jobs bill. NO

Supported the wealthy by refusing to allow their Reagan tax cuts to expire, even at the expense of America's debt rating being downgraded. YES

Supports voter suppression making it more difficult for elderly, poor and inner-city to vote. YES

Supported a one-time $500 tax on persons with over million dollar incomes to create half a million jobs . NO

Supports all Americans being covered by health care. NO

Supports subsidies to oil companies and wealthy agricultural businesses. YES

Supports helping the poor, providing a social safety net and extending unemployment. NO

Would like voters to believe jobs are lost to overregulation even when surveys show that less than 1% of employers claim to have reduced jobs as a result of regulatory effects. YES

Willing to use the debt ceiling as leverage to force cuts to Social Security and Medicaid YES

Tries to convince voters that the current debt was incurred by the current Administration, even while knowing it was incurred directly or indirectly by Congress and the previous Administration. YES

Wants to delude people into thinking Social Security adds to the National Debt. YES

Desires privatizing Social Security so Wall Street can make money on it. YES

Would rather cut social programs than cut funding to defense contractors. YES

Utilizes scare tactics against the public in order to continue funding defense. YES

Would like voters to believe higher taxes on the wealthy destroy jobs despite no evidence to support the position and clear evidence to the contrary. YES

Doesn't want voters to realize that the lower taxes of the last ten years haven't created jobs. YES

Works for wealthy and special interests rather than the middle class. YES

Willing to cut Congressional $160k government salary, tax-payer paid health benefits and pension for life? NO

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