Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Getting a Kindle

Okay, I'm finally breaking down and getting a Kindle. Hey, what can I say, I'm a paper addict. Bound books are like crack to me ... no, not that kind. I get stuck in them like crumbs in a crack.

But I'm not a convert, and don't really planning full conversion until I have to. But with three, no, four books on Kindle and another I'm going to add soon, I have to know more about ebooks. What they look like, if there are differences in formatting. Books can be added to Kindle on Word, while others say it has to be converted first to html.

To be honest, I don't know how either of my publishers formatted theirs. When I put "The Guy'd Book, why we leave the seat up ... and other stuff" (get it here for just three bucks!) I simply used Word. I improved my technique when I re-released "The Adventures of Guy" (three more bucks!) after the rights reverted to me.

When I released them, Kindle sent me the book which I could review on my laptop; but I haven't yet seen it on Kindle.

So I want to see what I have out there and what it looks like, and how my stuff compares to other authors' books.

Now I don't expect to become a Kindle convert right away, and I also don't expect my readers to be heavy into ebook usage. Yeah, I know, publishers at Digital Book World recently forecast that by 2014 half of the released books will be digital. Maybe by then digital publishers will have worked out some way for libraries to purchase and lend ebooks.

But according to a recent Publishers Weekly blog, the YA market is lagging behind. Teens are technologically savvy, but they just aren't into ebooks yet. They still prefer their books in paper...

... as do I.

So Kindle-World, I'm coming.


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