Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Hundred Day Book

On December 4, I decided to write a caveman humor book called "Bonk and Hedz." It started off being really fun to write, and I found it was easy to check in every day or two to work on it. That's way different than my normal writing pace, which comes in fits and bursts of activity, punctuated by gaps (sometimes large gaps) where I just don't feel motivated to write.

But Bonk and Hedz was coming easily, and was so much fun, that I found myself on about a 1% pace per day. First it was just an idea, then a hope and now it's a goal.

Unfortunately, if I had time to write, I wouldn't want to write anything other than Bonk, so my Tweets dropped to nothing, I didn't blog, and I rarely checked up on any social site. It also postponed my plans to re-release The Adventures of Guy, where the rights were reverted back to me on December 31.

And I plan on continuing this ... so, sorry if you miss my Tweets.

But I'm very goal oriented, and I would love to finish a book in one hundred days, compared to my usual six to eight months (or more).

So if you're wondering where I've been, well, there ya go. Read my previous blog post if you want to see a preview of the book (now titled, "A Caveman Story, Bonk and Hedz), which covers such events as the invention of clothes, the first Lobbyist, discovering cooking and fire, Log Henge and other fun and wacky stuff.


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