Monday, November 8, 2010

Fun Times

I've been pretty busy lately, with library & book store signings, and also I did conferences for the Illinois Library Assn, Illinois Media Assn and Lewis University author conference.

Meeting so many librarians has been an absolute fun time, but I'm coming away from it kind of surprised.

I knew Fang Face would be pretty popular, but I'm surprised at the popularity of "The Guy'd Book ... why we leave the seat up, and other stuff." It is selling at the same rate as Fang Face. And it's not that I'm not selling books. I was one of Anderson Books's top sellers at the Illinois Media Assn conference.

Don't get me wrong, it's a great book. But I guess I just didn't expect it to sell as well as it is. And here's the cool thing. You can download it for free from my website, or if you want to spend a couple bucks, you can get it on Kindle in just minutes.

Things are cool right now. I finished WereWoof and am looking for a publisher, The Adventures of Guy rights revert to me on Dec 30, and I'm better than 60% done with the third Adventures of Guy (tentatively titled SMITHEREENS).

Fun times!


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