Sunday, October 3, 2010

Looking Good at Lake Michigan

After a very busy year speaking at schools, libraries and Girl/Boy Scouts, there was a bit of a lull for me over July and August. But I'm busy again, especially over the last week.

Last weekend, I was at KidLit in Princeton, Il. with authors Richard Peck, James Kennedy and others. They closed down the whole town square, and brought in fire trucks, storytellers and other people to entice young'uns to read and have fun.

Tuesday night brought me to Navy Pier in Chicago for the Illinois Library Association meet and greet with Illinois authors. I ran into James Kennedy again, but I'd rather have my pic taken with nice looking ladies (see above).

Saturday was the National Lewis University joint venture with the Society of Childrens Book Writers and Illustrators. Twenty authors set up shop, and got a chance to offer our speaking services to teachers and librarians. Of course, James Kennedy was there again (is he following me?).

Anyway, I met a lot of librarians and teachers, and had a great time. Next up, I give a seminar at National Association of Credit Management's fall conference. I will probably do an awesome job. Heh.

One interesting thing is happening. If you'll recall, I released THE GUY'D BOOK, WHY WE LEAVE THE SEAT UP ...AND OTHER STUFF on Kindle back in March, and put the entire book up free as PDF on my website. Well, a couple months ago, I went through Create Space and now I have the actual book. The weird thing is people really seem to be getting into it and I'm selling as many as just about any other book.

If you want to check it out, remember, you can download your own copy for free from


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