Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Here I Am Yesterday

I can see yesterday.

Sure, that's easy, you say, anyone can do that. Just get out something you taped yesterday on your phone or a recorder ... or, well just about anything will record stuff nowadays.

But forget the techy stuff for a moment. I can see yesterday ... without the aid of technology.

In fact, I can see millions of years in the past. I see before the birth and death of Christ. Before the Cave Men. I can even see before the birth of Cher. No HG Wells Time Machine needed.

All I have to do is use my eyes.

Everything you see already happened before your eyes saw it happen. Sometimes, there can be a huge delay.

You don't see something until the speed of light carries what happened to your eyes. Then there's more of a delay for synapses to tell your brain what your eyes saw. If you consider a star a million light years away, that light occurred a million years ago. You're seeing into the past, to a time way before humans even existed.

So if someone is talking to you, you're hearing it even from longer ago, since sound is slower than light. In fact, if your senses were acute enough, you would be able to pick up the slight time lag.

Sure, you say, so what's the significance of this? That time is so minute, as to not make a difference at all.

That's only because we humans are a slow, clumsy species. Consider for a moment that a hummingbird can flap its wings up to ninety times a second. A second! Or just try and keep up with your cat's reflexes.

Sometimes I try and think this way, so I can expand my mind as a writer, and consider that what I might think is impossible, isn't impossible at all. It's just beyond me. And this helps me dream up fun and cool stuff in my stories.

So keep dreaming, and don't let your preconceptions prevent you from wondering about the world.

And to help you on that note, try and imagine a world where air molecules are conveniently transparent.


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