Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Tourette Writer

One of the best things about being a Tourette writer like me is ...

What, you don't know what I mean by Tourette writer?

A Tourette's writer (by the way, I made up the phrase with all due respect to people who are inflicted with this condition) is a writer who simply types whatever comes to mind ... without much of a filter. There's a filter. Maybe. It's just really, really small.

So I write what I want and we just go from there.

Anyway, a cool thing about it is I can screw up on something, but someone reading it might think I meant to write it.

Example: In my first book, my characters were riding a minivan. Later I called the same vehicle an SUV. Then it was a minivan ... then an SUV.

It was an honest mistake.

But my editor thought I was doing it on purpose. The incredible morphing vehicle. He kind of liked the idea.

My boss asked some of the same questions back when I wrote our newsletter. He'd sidle up to me, point to something I wrote and say, "you meant to say that, right?"

Um, right.

It's even better if what I wrote was funny by accident.

Anyway, we get to phxiukrhsheiid whenever we want.


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