Thursday, March 18, 2010

What do a cigarette and Norm have in common?

I'm HOT!

I mean it. Pissed off.

When leaving the store tonight, I saw a kid smoking a cigarette.


He thought he looked like hot stuff. A tough guy, puffing away, eyes narrowed to slits because he couldn't keep the smoke out of them ... or because he thought the narrowed eyes were cool.

He didn't look cool!

He looked like a kid playing dress up.

Smoking doesn't make you tough!

It turns your skin yellow. It ruins your lung capacity, so you get out of breath really easily. Even an old fifty-one year old fart like me has better lungs than that kid.

Do you know why cigarettes cost so much?

Because they lost a bunch of suits which proved they were poisoning people ... on purpose! And ratching up the nicotine so you get hooked on them. The suits proved this. And the cigarette companies were penalized millions and millions of dollars.

Did this hurt them? Of course not. They simply passed the cost along to the people they are killing.

And do you know how much the cigarette industry pays in advertising? A gazillion dollars! That's even bigger than our national deficit. And you know why? Because they have to hook kids on their product, because their best, longest tenured customers are dying ... because of their product!

Every single smoker I know wishes they never smoked that first cigarette. The two who died of cancer probably feel the same way, but I never got a chance to ask them.

Smoking SUCKS!

It's NOT cool!

It's dangerous.

Don't do it!

(read a good book instead ... may I suggest ... )


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