Friday, June 19, 2009

Marketing Stuff and Girl Scouts

I'm just going to do a quick blog to talk about my marketing efforts this week.

First of all, I contacted about a dozen high schools and junior high schools about the possibility of Fang Face being a curriculum book of theirs. I got a few nibbles. I met with Joliet Jr. High director of curriculum, dropped off a packet for New Lenox Jr. High director (per her request), and met with a high mucky muck with New Lenox high schools.

She told me they still had a slot open for a book this year. I'm feeling kind of good about it ... you wanna know why? Because I interviewed her for some background info when I was writing the book and I thanked her in the acknowledgements! Woo-hoo!

Moving on, I also met with the principal of a Frankfort Jr. High, and she was very enthusiastic about the idea, and spoke about me getting in front of all 800 students. She also said she knew another principal in another district, and she would see if they would be interested.

The next activity were newspapers and magazines. I sent emails to about 60 newspapers and half a dozen magazines asking if they would review Fang Face. The same day, I got my first hit, the Chicago Sun Times. Can you say, 1.5 million readers?

So I sent off the book this afternoon, and now I'll cross my fingers.

I've also been busy sending autographed books. I've been sending about one a day since posting them on my website and blogs and stuff. If you haven't ordered yours yet, go to ... it's Pay Pal, so it's safe.

My Girl Scout thing is bearing fruit, too. I met with 100 GS leaders a month ago or so, and now the orders are coming in from the leaders. If they like the books ... why wouldn't they? ... I should see more there.

What else? Hmmm. There's more, but that's it for now.

See ya and stuff,


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  1. Congrats Norm! Hope you get that review... It'd almost be worth framing!