Saturday, June 13, 2009

Buy yourself a vampire!

As I mentioned on my last blog, my editor brought pre-release copies of Fang Face to Printers Row.

I sold a ton of them at the fair, but I ordered enough so I could bring a couple cases home with me. Because this is before the final edits, these are limited edition copies that will be worth tons of money when I become all rich and stuff.

Fang Face is my first young adult vampire book - nope, it's not like Twilight. It's funny and, well, count on seeing more fangs and less of the 'forbidden will he love me or will he bite me stuff.'

If you're an adult, never fear, it's like Pixar, something for both younger and not so younger.

Here's the link to my website: When you get there, click on the 'Buy Me' thingy.

Also, a bunch of the authors from the anthology "Missing" will be coming out of hiding to sign the book - and our other books - at Centuries and Sleuths in Forest Park, Il. at 11:00 am on June 20. Missing includes a special short story with my characters from The Adventures of Guy series.

Here's Centuries & Sleuths site:

Hope to bite you there!



  1. Hi there... sounds like a good one. Do you have a release date for it yet? let me know when you get a firm date and i'll add it to my vamp release dates calendar over at my vamp news blog.


  2. Congrats on the promising sales at the fair! May it just be a hint at the mad success to come.


  3. Sounds like the limited edition things are pretty cool... I signed all my yearbooks as Iris Black so my friends would have my autograph. LOL. They certainly got a kick out of it.