Friday, May 22, 2009

Some of my best friends are Catholics

I was at a booksigning and a lady walked by with her maybe ten-ish year old son. They slowed to eyeball my Adventures of Guy books.

The Adventures of Guy is meant for a bit older a crowd ... high school and above ... and there's some sophomoric, but fun humor ... you could say they're rated PG.

So I pointed to a brochure of my upcoming book Fang Face and said, "I don't think those are for him yet, but he might like this."

The lady then ... with the most sanctimonious air of superiority ever seen, loudly sneered, "We're Catholics ... we don't support books like that."

I was stunned.

Not only did she condemn my book, but me by association.

In a way, I wish I'd have given a snappy comeback - there are many - and I'm good at it.

Or I could have told her that a cross, wielded by a true believer, is one of the most powerful ways to foil a vampire. But people who use religion to put themselves above other people aren't going to listen to reason.

And by true believer, I mean someone who doesn't criticize with their own absolute papal authority. Or publicly denounce someone whose religion and beliefs she has absolutely no idea. Or teach her young son to use religion as a platform for exalting oneself at another's expense.

So know this, if this lady ran into a vampire and waved her cross, she could count on one thing. Her cross would have no power ... and...

... she'd be eaten.



  1. You can bet her son is reading "those kind of books", either at his friends' houses, or hiding them under the covers at night.


  2. The part that got me was..."I was stunned."

    You mean there are people who haven't been hit with that sort of ignorant drivel? How fortunate!

    So how awesome--you've joined the ranks of other Ee-ville writers like J.K. Rowling and Stephanie Meyer. muWAhahahaha.


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  4. I've had people come into my booth, say theyre looking for fantasy novels, and then bolt when I get to the part of my spiel (I write fantasy novels, by the way) where I describe my books using 'Gods' instead of 'God'. It's hard not to pity such desperately closed minds.

    Marc Vun Kannon