Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day, Halloween style

Again, it's time to talk about something people just assume don't go together... werewolves, vampires and their mothers.

How come no one puts this in their stories?

You think Vlad didn't take a moment from staking heads outside his castle to appreciate his mother on the second Sunday in May? Mebbe send her a Vampire-gram?

How about Frankenstein? He had so many mothers. The mother of his heart, the mother of his brain, the mother of his torso, so many mothers. I'm sure they all would appreciate hearing from the big galomp.

Werewoves, being pack animals, have the Alpha female to appreciate.

Do you think these Moms get their love?

Think about it.

I'm getting into my new work, Werewoof, and thinking I might post some pages soon.


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