Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The April Fool

I did it!!

I got through April Fool's day.

Okay, it's not what you think. It's not about not having tricks pulled on me. It's about me not pulling jokes on unsuspecting victims.

I used to take great pride and joy in elaborate April Fool's pranks. I pulled one on a buddy of mine that took six months to set up. Another guy didn't find one of my pranks until June, it was so cleverly laden. I had another guy convinced we had to testify in court, two hundred miles away, and he canceled his plans, made reservations, and, well, at least I told him before he left.

But a couple years ago, some of my pranks started going ... well, awry ... once involving the police and another time a co-worker who thought she had been fired.

Of course, all was forgiven when they learned it was me... and they all felt a bit silly for not having figured it out ... but the pranks should be fun, maybe a bit embarrassing, but not emotionally gutting.

So I went into a bit of a retirement, and my tricks got a bit more lame, less thought out and I guess I'm done with them. I quit cold chicken, er, turkey, and this is my first complete non-April-Fool's day.

I go to bed in about half an hour, so I might ... just might ... well, we'll see.


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  1. I'm proud of you, Norm. Admitting there's a problem is the first step to recovery. ;)