Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My letter to my Congressman

I sent the following to my Congressman (with little hope of getting a response). Included with the letter was my previous post on how the mayor of a town knowingly poisoned me - and everyone else in town - by deliberately feeding vinyl chloride-infected water into the water supply.

Congressman Adam Kinzinger

RE: Job growth and regulations and the health bill

Dear Representative Kinzinger;

I hope you’re enjoying your vacation.  I live in your district, and at least in theory you are my representative to the United States Congress. I was looking through your website, and I see nothing about what you personally have done to facilitate the growth of jobs. 

I see you took great credit for the repeal of the 1099 bill, which as a financial executive of a 30 million dollar company I strongly applauded, but I have to question the alleged savings because these 1099 rules never went into effect.  So how could this have any impact on federal spending or cutting taxes? On future spending, yes, it would have had an affect, but it didn’t affect current spending, so it’s not a reduction at all. Fuzzy math.

The thing notably absent in your website was your plan on creating jobs.  I see you wagging a finger at the President for his plan, but where’s yours?  You’ve been in this job for nearly two years, in a staggering economy, and what have you done to improve it?  Getting rid of regulations?  That won’t do it, and as far as the regulations that supposedly restrict business, see the attached which shows the importance of regulating people who would deliberately injure people for a buck. And you can’t lower taxes on companies like GE, because, well, they didn’t pay any. Same for the others who moved jobs out of the country. And don’t get me started on subsidies to oil.

Due to your absolute lack of effort on the subject, at least get on the President’s plan which is an effort to improve things for the middle class, rather than simply sitting on the sidelines poking holes in any efforts to move us out of this mess.  I watched the debates the other night, which showed the Republicans are simply out of touch with the middle class right now, witness Gov. Romney’s great plan for saving the middle class by reducing taxes on interest income, dividend income and capital gains.

Is he kidding?  Interest income? Dividend income? Capital gains? 

The middle class doesn’t have these things.  All we want is a job, a decent salary to spend on products (which would spur the economy way more than cutting corporate taxes), a retirement with enough money to get by and our health. All things being viciously fought by special corporate interests who fund their pet politicians. 

As to the health bill you would like so much to repeal, one of my daughters is working for barely minimum wage and going half time college. Because of the bill, she doesn’t have to spend $200+ a month for health insurance, which otherwise she could not afford. And you want to take that away? Shame, sir. She can’t afford your politics.

The bottom line, please jump on board the jobs program, or I will do my best to actively make sure a true representative of the middle class replaces you next time you run for office.

Norman Cowie 

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