Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nookie, and a bit of Were

I've been sort of weirdly busy lately. No, not writing books. But fortunately, I'm cranking out the books at a rate I'm happy with ... two books within a year, Bonk & Hedz and WereWoof, so I don't mind the wasted time so much if it gets more of my products on the shelves. I'm up to six books now.

What's consuming me now has been getting them into salable (salable?) format. Making them available as ebooks in Kindle, Nook, Sony and anywhere else that puts it into peoples' hands.

Kindle is easy. But getting the book into Nook is harder. There's a site called Smashwords, but whipping the formatting into shape often ends up with me feeling like the whip-ee instead.  But I think...maybe... I have it figured out. I successfully put WereWoof into Nook, and it seems like Bonk & Hedz and The Adventures of Guy will be on soon.  At least I hope so. It seems to take a bit of time for Smashwords to appear in the Barnes & Noble's system, so I'll keep checking. 

One of my test stories for Smashwords was my short story Were.  It's fun and free. Check it out here

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