Saturday, July 2, 2011


Writers Block?

Hah, never had it.  Writing isn't difficult.

But I've been beating my head against something called 'formatting.'  I'm trying to get my books all into electronic format, with varying degrees of success.

As of right now, the only one that's formatted correctly is Fang Face. And there's a reason for that ... my publisher did it. The only other one without a format issue is The Next Adventures of Guy .. mostly because my first publisher is from the cave days and doesn't offer any of their authors' books on Kindle or Nook. Which is one of the reasons I refused to renew The Adventures of Guy with them when they asked.

In the last three months I've tried putting four books on Kindle.  Well, I succeeded with all four, but I don't like some of the format issues.  And I've totally struck out with Smashwords, because their more ticklish system simply rejected my efforts to put in WereWoof, which would put the book in Nook and other places.

But now I'm hopeful I have the formatting issues straightened out, and to test it, I'm putting my short story, Were on Smashwords right now as a free short story ebook. As we speak, I'm moving further up Smashword's queue, and I'm crossing my fingers that when I wake up in the morning, I'll find out it was successful.

If not, I might pull out one of my remaining hairs.  If it was successful, I'm going to format WereWoof, The Adventures of Guy, The Guy'd Book and Bonk & Hedz so that they all look great under both Smashwords and Kindle.

So wish me luck!


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  1. You are my hero and the speaker of the house wears butt-ugly ties that clash with his complexion.