Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Caveman Story - done!!

I did it!


I wrote an entire book in less than 100 days. Actually, I kicked 100 day's butt, because I finished "A Caveman Story: Bonk & Hedz" in just 71 days, an entire month ahead of schedule!

I started writing it on Dec 4 and finished today, February, um .. what's today.

(Googling time and date)

Got it, Feb 13. Today's February 13.

I've never had a book go so fast, and once I hit 80%, I couldn't stop writing. I wrote nearly a quarter of the book in the last week alone.

Of course, the book isn't done. Not nearly done. The story is done. My ideas exhausted, but edits remain. But edits aren't the hard part, for me. It's more like tweaking, moving awkward phrases.

This one might have more edits than usual, simply due to the speed in which I barreled through it. So in a week, you might see a less exuberant Norm, one who is a bit frustrated with his own writing. Or not. I might be done editing in a week.

Who knows?

Still though, I've never written this quickly. Six months was my best, usually more. It feels like I just finished writing WereWoof. I also interrupted ... for the second time ... my third in the Adventures of Guy. I started writing Guy and stopped to write Fang Face, then WereWoof and now A Caveman Story.

But when I'm done with cavemen, I'm getting back into Guy, which is 70% done. So I might be announcing another finished book in a few months.

Or not. Maybe I'll just promote for a bit, and keep pecking away at Guy.

I don't think I'm in a hurry, any more.

Hey, speaking of Guy, I've re-released it, improved with a new cover, some new edits, and with a short story that first appeared in the anthology THE HEAT OF THE MOMENT. To get it, here's my Amazon page


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