Saturday, February 20, 2010

Zits a wonderful thing

I've been talking at a lot of schools lately, telling them how I ... an old fart guy ... write YA about teens ... even more, teen girls.

I'm not, at least last time I looked, a teen or a girl ...(wait, let me check - nope, still a guy)

Anyway, the kids have been awesome, and after each talk, I get 'Friended' by a bunch of kids on Facebook. It's cool to hang out with the critters, who are a lively bunch, with all kinds of social interaction with each other.

So today, I decided to bond with them, in a way someone my age shouldn't be able to. I woke up this morning -

- with a zit on my nose.


I'm way too old for that kind of thing.

I guess I researched teens just a bit too well.

Anyway, onward.


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