Monday, November 23, 2009

Where am I?

Wow, it's been three weeks since my last blog.

Shame, shame.

(slap of wet noodle on wrist)

Well, there's a reason for my absentness (is this a word ... don't care ... call me Webster, I just make 'em up).

Anyway, I've been somewhat inspired by NaNoW...whatever it's called. That thing where writers try and write an entire novel in a single month.

Now I'm not that inspired... not nearly ... but I have gotten off my duff and been kind of creative with WereWoof, the followup story to FangFace.

And speaking of FangFace, I posted an excerpt of Fang Face on my monthly Pop Syndicate blog. Come check it out:

I've also been busy setting up speaking events at schools. Seems like kids want to talk about vampires with wacky authors who aren't afraid of speaking in public.

See you and all that. I promise it won't be three weeks.

(more like two)

(shaddup, self!)


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