Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dave Barry, Ridley Pearson & WGN Radio

Big week for me.

No, not big.

More like BIG!

Huge, ginormous ... heh, I said 'norm'.

Anyway, it was my week to brush with stars. First I get interviewed on the Rick Kogan "Sunday Papers" program on WGN radio.

38 states!

And Canada!

especially Canada.

My brother in North Carolina even heard the program.


Then, through Disney, I get an interview with Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson, who just released their new Peter Pan book.

Dave Barry! Pulitzer Prize winner!
Ridley Pearson! Best Seller!

How cool is this?

If you want to read the interview, go here:

Anyway, I have a problem with the WGN thing. They sent me a tape of the program on MP3, but they sent one hour of the show. I only need my ten minutes of fame.

Anyone know how to cut out just a bit of an MP3?

Where's a teen when you need one?


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  1. Wow, Norm. I'm impressed. I almost brushed with a star last week. I was in the same book store the day before and the day after Sandra Bullock was there. Does that count?