Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fang Face is out! Funny vampire stuff!

Imagine being bitten by a vampire. Held in a trance, helpless as fangs slide into your neck.

Then the vampire burps.

That's kinda what you get when you read Fang Face, a vampire humor book for young adults.

"I loved this book, fangs and all." Best selling author James Rollins

"Fang Face made me laugh." James Bond author Raymond Benson

"This book sucks ... in a most delightful way. Don't miss this gem.." Shane Gericke, national bestselling author

It's out! Fang Face is out! Get yourself some fang!

Or buy one for your kid, your grandkid, your wife, mother, cousin, uncle, godson, father ...

It's mostly a teen book, but almost anyone can read it.

Here's where you can get your own biter book:

Amazon -

Echelon/Quake (also on ebook!) -

My website (autographed copies!) -


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  1. Hey Norm! Long time no see! (Talk, read, type, whatever.) I'm glad Fang Face is doing so well. I've landed myself a very, very good agent and we're working on getting the zombie books out. What can I do to get a personalized signed Fang Face? (Email me, if possible: