Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Random Vampire Thought

During one of my quieter moments today, I had another random vampire thought.

How come they always bite necks? I mean, think about it. There's plenty of blood in the femoral artery, you can probably get a good amount if you nipped off someone's ear, or you bit deeply into a wrist.

All places with lots of opportunities for blood.

Of course, there are some places a vampire wouldn't strike blood, as it were. The butt, for instance. A dry well. A deltoid might make a pretty good steak for a werewolf, but again, not much blood.

And something else with good bleeder possibilities? The nose. Think about it.

The vampire could simply walk up to a victim, slug him or her in the nose, and Geyser City.

Course mebbe the blood doesn't taste all that good when mixed with nose juices.

Just things to think about.

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  1. They don't always bite the neck--a lot of wrist nips have been undertaken in film and fiction. The femoral artery requires a problematic attack vector, although you raise an excellent point about the ear. If Mike Tyson turned vampire,I'd bet money that would be his drink of choice. ;)

  2. Your random thoughts are image provoking...thanks, I think


  3. keep in mind, in the lore of the bloodsuckers, vampires are often sexualized. Both hetero and homoerotic. Biting the neck, burrowing into it as they do as the victim spurts it's juices into the vamps mouth - it is a very sexy kill.

  4. Wow, and I just thought they were hungry.

  5. Uh, thanks, Norm for the *interesting* images. Gotta go burn my corneas.