Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hanging around the high school

On Thursday, I'm going to give the Keynote speech at a highschool writing competition, and I just don't know what a key has to do with anything.

I mean, I'm giving an hour and fifteen minute speech, and I have all kinds of notes and stuff, but the whole key thing is eluding me.

Hopefully, it doesn't have anything to do with singing, keeping the notes in key or anything ... cuz' my voice is NOT anything you want to hear in relation to music. Mostly because you wouldn't recognize anything musical about it at all.

Lately I've been using PowerPoint in my speeches - kind of a change for me - and I'm wondering if keys and notes might not transfer over to PowerPoint. Or maybe I'm just missing the point, and we're supposed to do Francis Scott Key's great anthem, "Singing in the Chesapeake Bay", also known as the Star Bangled Banner .. which when I sing it is the Star Bungled Hamper .. and you don't want to hear it either way.

Anyway, I have to get ready for it, so later dudes and dudettes.




  1. Knock 'em dead, (k)Norm!

    Or at least outta their socks


  2. Why, the key to alltheanswersthey'llneedtosucceedin life, of course! Uh, no pressure or anything. ;)

    Seriously, go wow 'em and I hope to see a follow up post to let us know how it went!

  3. Actually, I'm going to tape it. If the tape is good, I'll post it somewhere, otherwise, burn city

  4. Maybe it was Key Largo, or Key Biscayne, or Siesta Key...gee, I hope you went to the right place.