Monday, March 16, 2009


I have a few meager talents ... I'm ambidextrous, I can spin a tale, I've overcome the fear of male-patterned baldness ... but one of the talents I'll never be able to call my own is being musical.

Sure, I enjoy music, be it classical, rock or pop ... and I'll test out the upper volume in the car during a great song. But I'll never be able to CREATE music. To spin notes and melodies into something other than ear numbing noise.

I admit it bothers me. I'd gladly trade, say, my drawing ability for something musical, anything musical. I don't use the drawing, and frankly, stick men aren't so bad.

Well, it ain't gonna happen, but I am surrounded by music, mostly because the women in my household have what musical ability I lack ... in spades. Yesterday, I was reminded of this when I was treated to a spectacular impromptu concert by my wife and youngest daughter.

My daughter Lauren can sing, play the guitar, violin, bass, piano and is now learning drums. My wife can pick up just about any instrument and play something within minutes.

So yesterday afternoon, I was busy on the computer, and the two of them got a couple pair of drumsticks and started making some melody on the countertop.

It got louder and more pulsating as the drum beats got more rhythmic, faster and soon they were in tune with each other. The countertop wasn't enough for them, and they disappeared downstairs to the basement, banging on walls and railing on the way.

Soon they were finding new things to beat on, making glorious new sounds. They found the heating vents and soon the entire house was throbbing with the frantic melody.

I learned later they were making all of this noise for another reason other than just the joy of creating something. They were trying to be as loud and as obnoxious as they could to make me nuts.

So they threw inhibitions to the wind and pounded and rat-tatted away, all the time having absolutely no idea that I was upstairs grinning like an idiot, loving the sound and commotion.

A couple years ago, they gave me a DVD concert of STOMP, a group of percussionists who would use tin cans, brooms, any thing they could find to make interesting music. It's one of my favorite DVD's.

So mebbe I don't have the musical jeans, er, genes, but it doesn't mean I can't enjoy a great concert when my own family is putting it on.

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  1. Norm,

    Great blog, I had a chance to read it up on this last night on myspace.
    I've had similar experience with music, only I didn't figure it out until after I spent thousands of dollars worth of instruments and lessons. Today all that remains is a nice collection of expensive guitars, keyboards and professional recording equipment.
    Awesome how you integrated the "free book" download in the blog, I gotta try that sometime.


  2. LOL! High five your mom and daughter for me! My dad and I used to drive my mom crazy with similar stunts (we were both drummers among other musical talents)

    And kudos to you for loving the sound of creativity!


  3. Great! My dog loves to do the wacky concert thing when I pull out my flute to do some serious practice. (Nobody can tune with a dog howling right next to them)

    I love STOMP! We used to watch their DVD's all the time in elementary school music when we had a substitute!


  4. Sounds like a fab family and HEY! Don't underestimate the musical quality of a good story. Crafting a piece of fiction can contain all the exciting harmonics of a symphony--or a good STOMP rave. Play On, Novelist!

  5. I'm gonna grab my drumsticks and come on over to your place, Norm! I'll bring along my THUNDERDRUMS CD. Great beat music with a little Native American sound to it.