Tuesday, March 3, 2009

An elevated hormone level

The hormone level's up. Yep, that chemistry thing where your mind gets all kinds of help thinking other than normal.

(there are those who say my brain is already other than normal)

Anyway, it's not my hormone level, it's what I'm reading.

I'm judging a high school writing contest in a bit over a month, and my picks are due the end of the week. So I'm reading some really interesting stories about teens learning about death, first love, indifferent fathers ... others about something funny ... or amazing ... or intriguing.

Really, it's a slice of life from a teen's perspective, and I'm loving it.

One of the reasons, I have to admit, is because now that I've chosen to write for them, it's interesting to see what they find important, challenging and intriguing. I know what I'm learning here is going to enrich my own writing, and I couldn't ask for anything better.

So I gotta go, and jump back into the hormone pool.

See ya' soon,




  1. Just don't get lost in that pool before you can share the insights. LOL

    I too recently judged a young authors contest and loved the raw talent and fresh voices!


  2. Who said you can't go back in time! Iit's been so long for me I can't remember too much about those days or maybe I blocked some of it out.

    Morgan Mandel