Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Eat an ebook week, er, Read an ebook

Well, it's 'read an e-book week.'

What's that mean to me? I kinda, sorta, mebbe know what an ebook is. But not because I ever received one.

Or maybe I did. When I go back and forth with my editor tweaking my books, I tend to read it on my laptop rather than printing it up and reading it that way.

So I guess I have. But the whole thought of ebooks is starting to grow on me. Have you ever wanted to 'sample' someone's writings? Someone whose books are hard to find in the library or bookstore.

Download the book. It's cheaper, faster, and you don't have to worry about bookworms.

And you don't have to buy Kindle or Sony to do this. If you have a PC or a laptop, and Internet access (and a charge card - grin), you've got everything you need.

My stuff is available on ebook, and when Fang Face comes out, it will be, too.

Check 'em out here.


author of the award-winning Adventures of Guy series


  1. And don't forget, no coffee stains or dread paper cuts to worry about with eBooks!

    I also read eBook submissions on my handheld (yes, some of us dinosaurs are still using Palm Pilots instead of iPhones), and I love the portability. Viva la ebook week!

  2. Us palm fans must stick together!

    And when it comes to Norm's books, paper cuts are a serious risk.


  3. I'm with you on the paper cuts- I wonder, do the books bite?

    And Norm's right about e-books being a great way to sample new things. I never finished a ghostly horror novel until I commandeered Regan's palm...


  4. Forgot to tell you earlier... Norm, you might want to check out my blog today. Seems they found a vampire in Venice.


  5. It's definitely cheaper. Not to mention they're so much easier to read when you don't have to try to prop the book up (and then make sure it doesn't fall over ... or flip closed).