Monday, January 26, 2009

Good sports .. and not so good sports

Maybe you heard about the girl's high school basketball team that totally wiped out another school by the score of 100 - 0.

Yep, 100 points for the first team ... the big goose egg for the other.

Uh, what is it about goose eggs being the sign for zero? Why not ostrich eggs, canary eggs, platypus eggs ?

Okay, I tangented (not a word .. sue me).

Did I happen to mention that the team that won was a Christian school? And did I mention further that the school that lost is a school for learning challenged and has only twenty girls in the whole school? And did I mention that my cat just jukxisgfhneror walked on my keyboard?

The school that won apologized, but the coach went on to say that he didn't apologize. And does it matter?

Yes, it matters.

I played sports my whole life, and got pretty good at most of them (still can't figure out hockey, golf or bowling), and when my two girls were growing up, it would have been easy to devastate them in whatever sport we attempted. I'd have creamed them at wiffleball. I'd have murdered them at lawn darts. I could swim laps around them in the pool.

But did I?

Of course not. What would trashing their fragile sense of worth have accomplished? It was far more fun and more of a challenge to find a way to make it more competitive, and more fun for them and me.

I touch on this in Fang Face, my upcoming humor/vampire Young Adult book. When Erin begins turning into a vampire, she goes from being a non-athletic, well, wimp ... to a sleek, agile predator. And it sure changed things in the high school Dodgeball games.

Anyway, I've set up this site to discuss teen stuff, book stuff, my allergy to the cat that cakws0erijldjd again all over my keyboard, and stuff like that. I encourage you to visit my websites and read excerpts of my books.

Then go out and buy them! AUTOGRAPHED copies even!


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  1. That's horrible! All I have to say is, there's such a thing as karma...

  2. I heard about that news story... the winning school fired the coach for the comment about not apologizing. The vamps sound funny and I completely understand about the cat/keyboard thing. One of my old kitties, Pippin, managed to walk across the keyboard and next thing we knew, the printer was spewing out its own manual. Still don't know how he managed it...